Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Three eggs in one day

On Saturday I was away most of the day, and returned home to find THREE eggs in the nest box!! One was definitely Speckeldy's, and I think one was Ginger's, but of the other two I have no idea who it was. They are still a little bit subdued, but I think the worming medicine has helped a bit. I have just got the various powders and potions from the Domestic Fowl Trust, so I will try and give them a dusting this evening, and also put some in their dust bath. The first four egg day will definitely be one for celebration!



What did your speckley one look like? Ours is the only one not laying yet, the other three are well into the swing of things! Its so exciting you have to have chickens to really understand!

Anonymous said...

I've got two speckled hens and get speckled eggs but they are not chocolate coloured or even dark brown what I was expecting. they are darker than my goldline and amberstar though. They have very dark yolks though but thats probably due to the greenery they're given from my garden.