Monday, 6 August 2007

Speckeldy getting ready to lay?

All four chickens escaped today, led by the ringleader Ginger, who leaped out of the nestbox when I went to collect the eggs. They are not too hard to catch now - Dopey and Honey have always been easy, and I noticed today that Speckeldy Selina has started squatting down in the same way as Dopey and Honey do when I stroke them - I suspect she is about to lay! Her comb and wattles have gone really red as well, so I hope we may get some dark brown eggs in the next few days. Ginger is still showing no signs of laying, but I have read that Black Rocks are late starters, so maybe she will take another week or so.


Sarah said...

Still loving this blog Claire-am so jealous.(Whoosh)


Inspired by your blog I have started my own on chickens!! Needs lots of work still. Can't work out how to reverse the order of the posts? So the last one added is shown 1st like yours..
I just think they are great and your blog just keeps me smiling..
my email is
Thanks Tessa