Sunday, 19 August 2007

Ginger the hen breaks her duck!

This morning I let the hens out, and was surprised to see Ginger squatting down when I stroked her. This was a clear sign she was about to start laying, and her comb suddenly looked redder. This afternoon, sure enough, was Ginger's first egg. Speckeldy Selina is laying beautiful eggs very regularly.

Honey and Dopey have both not only stopped laying, but have stopped squatting down when I stroke them. I wonder if they are going to have a moult, as it is that time of year, and the days have been very dark and wet this year - very little in the way of sun. Hopefully they will pick up again soon.

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We only have one laying and that's Harriet our Bovan Goldline, the other three funny enough have also started to squat as you approach and stroke them..I thought it was because they were getting friendly so I'll have to wait and see. The boys can't wait for another one to start laying. They are approx four weeks younger than Harriet so they have been having to mature.. lets see who gets fours eggs first!!!
We did get 3 eggs from Harriet in 24 hours when she began to lay - don't know if there was a hold up?? But if the same happens with the others I will have to have a stall out the front!