Wednesday, 1 August 2007

A Settled Flock

The hens have all settled down together very happily now. No pecking or bullying at all. They are still very much in two groups of two - Speckeldy Selina and Ginger stick together, as do Honey and Dopey, but they will often curl up all together in their dust bath. Honey and Dopey are very easy to pick up, and don't seem to mind being stroked by the children, and I imagine Speckeldy and Ginger will become easier once they have started to lay - Honey and Dopey seem to squat down when we approach, whereas the other two flap off!

They really enjoy coming out into the garden - I wish it was safe to let them out all day, but the foxes are so confident round here that they would not last a day. And it does mean our garden stays relatively chicken poo free!!!

Honey and Dopey are both laying regularly now - we usually have 2 egg days, with about a third being 1 egg days. Only 1 day with no eggs at all since they arrived. We are certainly enjoying them!

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