Thursday, 13 September 2007

4 eggs again today

We finally seem to have reached capacity production! The chickens are eating a vast amount at the moment, and producing lots of eggs. I think the fine weather is helping - May-July was just so wet that I think they 'laid off' the eggs. But so far September has been lovely, which must be nicer for them. I've been able to give a fair number of eggs away, which I always find a nice thing to do as people just love the taste of freshly laid free(ish) range eggs from very happy hens.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Today is the day we have been waiting for!!!

Today is a special day in the chronicles of the Alsop chickens! The hens have been very greedy over the last few days, demolishing a whole feeder full each day. And today, Speckeldy Selina and Ginger (I think) laid eggs this morning, followed by Honey and Dopey this afternoon. Which makes today officially our first four-egg day!

Congratulations hens!!!

Monday, 10 September 2007

Ouch! That's got to have hurt!

Egg production has settled into a more reliable routine. We are getting between 0 and 3 eggs in a day, but averaging 2-3. Still no 4 egg days, although I'm fairly sure all the hens are laying again. Honey and Dopey have both readopted the squatting position which seems to signal when they are in lay, and we are certainly getting more than one light brown egg most days, which shows at least one of the Goldlines must be laying (the other light brown egg coming from Ginger the Black Rock).

Last Thursday I was surprised to find not only 3 eggs, but one of the eggs was HUGE!!! On weighing it, it proved to be a whopping 75g. We haven't opened it yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a double yolker. It is definitely a Speckeldy Selina egg, because it is the lovely deep brown colour of her eggs.

This picture shows some of their eggs - the two on the left are either Black Rock or Bovan Goldline eggs - I haven't yet worked out a way to distinguish them. Sometimes the light brown eggs have speckles on them, sometimes they are very uniform in colour. The two eggs on the right are both Speckeldy eggs - the far right egg is a normal sized egg, and the one in the middle is her huge offering! She did squawk a bit after laying that - I can't say I'm surprised really!