Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A new home for Dopey

We have spent this weekend building a new run for Dopey, as it became obvious that Ginger was not going to let her back into the other run without a fight, and she has seemed to flourish away from the other hens. I bought a house from Annie Hall's Chickens (look on the arks section, and scroll down to the bottom - it is the square one on the left), and Graham bought some wood and mesh to build a run with. When he built the original chicken run, he built the house, but as Dopey was in the rabbit hutch we wanted to get her into the new run in as short a time as possible

The original chicken run.

. On Saturday, Graham built the basic frame - there are a few 'new' features on this run - it is taller, and the roof hinges - this should mean that we can walk in to clean it - when the roof is up and the door open, there is no height restriction. It will also have a roof made of coroline from B&Q. The total cost of materials for the run was just under £100, and the house cost £189, so it is not an expensive run.

The house without its roof, and making the back of the run.

End of day 1! The frame complete, and the house painted blue!

Day 2 - putting the mesh on, and finishing touches to the frame.

Finished! And painted blue!

Dopey, happy in her new home. Now for some friends!

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