Saturday, 28 June 2008

Starting a new Run

I tried putting Dopey back in with the other hens earlier in the week, once her foot had healed. Unfortunately, Ginger REALLY didn't want her back in there, so I let them all into the garden. Ginger kept pecking Dopey and pulling at her feathers. Interestingly, Honey stuck up for Dopey, which I thought was nice. But it was obvious that Dopey, as bottom chicken, wasn't going to slot back in nicely. And in fact she is thriving in the rabbit hutch - her comb has reddened up, and grown, and she is much happier not being bullied! And the other 3 chickens do seem to like having a bit more space in their run - amazing how much space a little chicken can take up!

So, the new plan is to make a new run! I have bought a house from West Country Poultry (it is one of the bargain ones at the bottom of the 'arks' page), and Graham is going to make a new run for it. Then, Dopey plus a couple of new chickens can go in there, and hopefully Dopey can be Queen Chicken! I would like to get a White Star, which lays white eggs, and a Bluebelle, because I have always liked them. But first we have to build the run! We're going to try to put right some of the design errors from Chicken Run Mark 1 - for example, we're going to put some clear roofing on, and make the top open up to help with cleaning.

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