Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Loopy hens!

The weather has been so wet, I thought it would be a good idea to give the hens a protein treat yesterday - they had all been looking quiet and soggy, so I gave them some hardboiled egg, catfood and some Poultry Spice, newly arrived in the post. On putting the bowl out, all four hens leapt on it, wolfed it down, then all lay down for about an hour, looking exhausted! It must be the poultry spice - they didn't react this way to the plain catfood/egg mix earlier in the week! By bedtime they were looking a bit more normal, but this morning they really shot out of the house as soon as I opened the door, and they have been quite manic today - flapping around like anything.

We have a regular visitor to the garden at the moment - Mr Fox! He leaps on top of the chicken run, but hasn't worked out a way of opening it (and hopefully won't!). The chickens don't like it, but don't seem to be intelligent enough to go into their house where he won't see him. On Saturday, the fox was sitting watching the chickens, and Graham crept out with a hosepipe and shot him! The hosepipe is now in situ waiting for an opportunity for more target practice, hopefully discouraging the fox. It has been suggested that male urine is a deterrent to foxes, but haven't been able to persuade anyone to oblige!!!

Only one egg yesterday - I think from Honey, but 2 today. Honey really squawks when she has laid - she likes to announce it to the world, but Dopey is a lot quieter about it - she is more of a lady, and sneaks out modestly, despite laying the biggest eggs at the moment.

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