Sunday, 22 July 2007

Biggest egg yet!

We've had 2 days of 2 eggs, from Honey and Dopey each day, and I was fully expecting today to be a 2 egg day, so I was a little disappointed on checking the nest box to find only 1 45g egg, from Honey. But the best was yet to come - about lunchtime, Dopey disappeared with a squawk inside. I wondered if she was going to lay - after about half an hour I went to check on her, and she was just standing up having laid an egg, which I thought was probably the biggest we'd had - on weighing it, that proved to be the case - 60g!

I'm wondering if Ginger is gearing up to lay - she is the Black Rock - she has changed her behaviour a little and is spending some time sitting in a 'nesting' position either in or on the edge of the dust bath. They are all enjoying the dust bath, and have very vigorous baths!

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