Friday, 8 February 2008

26th January pictures

I tried taking some more pictures of the chickens - they are getting easier to photograph, but their heads usually come out blurred, as they move their heads so fast. Here are some of the better pictures.
Honey and Dopey are very similar, but these two photos of Honey really show her white 'collar', and her comb which is much bigger than Dopey's. They are both extremely greedy chickens and often have very full and wobbly crops!

Ginger is a beautiful chicken, very hardy in the wet weather - her feathers seem very resilient to the water, whereas the other three can get a bit bedraggled. She is the most vicious of the chickens, although will limit herself to pecking your foot if she thinks you have something tasty!
As you can see, Dopey is much recovered, and is back to her old self. Her comb is nowhere near as developed as Honey's, but she doesn't seem to mind. I haven't worked out the pecking order of our flock, but I wonder if Dopey is low down on it, as she is the quietest of the hens. But very loveable - when we went to get Honey and Dopey, she came right up to say hello, whereas Honey had to be caught with a net!

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