Thursday, 13 September 2007

4 eggs again today

We finally seem to have reached capacity production! The chickens are eating a vast amount at the moment, and producing lots of eggs. I think the fine weather is helping - May-July was just so wet that I think they 'laid off' the eggs. But so far September has been lovely, which must be nicer for them. I've been able to give a fair number of eggs away, which I always find a nice thing to do as people just love the taste of freshly laid free(ish) range eggs from very happy hens.



It's great isn't it! We are getting 3 in the morning before 8 and then Speckle always lays about 11.. I think she prefers the privacy! The other 3 don't mind sitting on top of each other to lay even though they have two areas that they could use. We are also getting regular begging demands for our eggs now.. (Its people offering us empty egg boxes that gives it away!) We take them up the rugby club and swap them for beer!!


(Thats 11am NOT 11 eggs!! LOL)